Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LONG LIVE Charter Day!

Last week the University of Guam celebrated their annual Charter Day. Last year, Long Live started off as newbies. But this year we leveled up our game a bit! Check out some photos of the event..
This year we had Balloontron come through
Ryan getting busy making his Hellichopter
It is almost as big as Breezy
Self explanatory
Joshua Agerstrand and his work..
"Never Been Done"
done by KY
Shout Outs to all the customers
Mama Char and Madd Mike from Power98

Special request from our fellow Hawaiians

2nd annual Jerking/Dougie comp for the kids
1st place (in the Lakers tee) and 2nd place winner...
They got hooked up with some tees and the Hellichopter
It was a LONG day with a lot of rain and the hot sun but we got through it...
Shout to Paul, Ryan, Julio, Breezy, Ry's friend, and Ronnel for helping set up...
to the lovely ladies from V4L: KY, NaeNae, Gello and Louie for pushing em' sales
And of course to EVERYONE who picked up some gear and visited our booth!


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